DELISLE, Guillaume

Carte de la Louisiane et du cours du Mississipi

Guillaume Delisle
Size : 55 x 75 cm
Color : Original colors
Condition : B+
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : CPV-45-104

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First state of Delisle’s important map showing the lower Mississippi River and surrounding areas and the first printed map to accurately situate and label ‘Texas’.

“The most important notation to Texas history [on the map]... was that appearing along the Trinity: ‘Mission de los Tiejas, etablie in 1716.’ This phrase marked the first appearance of a form of the name Texas on a printed map, and thus Delisle has received proper credit for establishing Texas as a geographic place name.” (Martin & Martin).

“This map is the mother and main source of all the later maps” (Kohl) of the interior United States and the Mississippi River. It was, in fact, “the first large-scale map accurately showing the lower Mississippi River and surrounding areas.” (Schwartz). The map was the basis of maps by Homann, Moll, Senex, Seutter… De l’Isle’s map also was the first work to show the routes of De Soto (1539 and 1540), his successor Moscoso (1542), Cavelier (1687), Tony (1702), Denis (1713), and others.

Two comparatively new settlement in New Mexico, S. Maria de Grado and S. Phelipe d'Albuquerque, both founded in 1705 are indicated as in Natchitoches on the Red River, whose foundation dates from 1717, the year before the map was published. Also marked are the French and English settlements, the situation of mines etc.The map had political implication and outraged the English by laing claim to Carolina "so named in honour of Charles 9th by the French who discovered it and took possession, and established themselves..." and as further insult, "Charles Town [Carolina] named by the French Carlefort".

DELISLE, Guillaume