Amerique méridionale
SANSON, Nicolas / PEYROUNIN, Abraham

Amerique méridionale

N. Sanson
chez l'autheur et chez Pierre et Mariette
Size : 42,4 x 54,5 cm (sheet)
Color : Outlines Colored at the time
Condition : Slightly browned margins, creases at the seas: "mer du Perou et mer de Chili"
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 581-43

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The first French map of South America to be published in an atlas.

A highly detailed map of South America, based on information transmitted by Jesuit missionaries. It extends from part of North America as far south as Diego Ramirez Island and Le Maire Strait, showing Tierra del Fuego incomplete. It thus includes Tierra Firma, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, etc. The map features an elegant title cartouche in the lower right-hand corner.

SANSON, Nicolas / PEYROUNIN, Abraham