Carte de l'Afrique corrigée et augmentée...
BERTIUS, Petrus / TAVERNIER, Melchior

Carte de l'Afrique corrigée et augmentée...

P. Bertius
Size : 36,8 x 41,6 cm
Color : Hand Colored
Condition : A
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 588-6

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Beautiful decorative map of Africa by Pierre Bertuis.

This map extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the west till a part of Asia, Arabian Sea and Madagascar in east. From the north it shows the Mediterranean Basin and parts of Spain and Sardinia and stretches till Cape Agulhas, the farthest point in South Africa. It illustrates the continent in detail naming countries, cities, seas, lacs, gulfs, caps, islands and traces the rivers notably the nile according to Ptolemy its source in Lake Zaflan and Lake Zaire till its mouth in the Mediterranean. This maps is adorned small animal vignettes across the continent including elephants, camels, and flamingos...

BERTIUS, Petrus / TAVERNIER, Melchior