Carte de l'Amérique corrigée et augmentée...
BERTIUS, Petrus / TAVERNIER, Melchior

Carte de l'Amérique corrigée et augmentée...

Size : 41,7 x 36,8 cm
Color : Hand Colored
Condition : Paper reinforced at the central fold
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 588-7

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Peter Bertius' map of the Americas derived from J. Hondius' 1618 map.

This general map of America shows the continent in great detail. From a cartographic point of view, it is interesting to note the beautiful peninsular California as well as the northwest coast of America abundantly populated with place names. The great lakes are not represented. The size of South America is exaggerated as it often was at the time of this map.

This map of America is one of the many derivatives based on Jodocus Hondius' 1618 map. It was published in 1624 by Pierre Bertius. In 1627, another edition of the Bertuis' map was published by Melchoir Tavernier. As described by Burden, the present example is a reprint of the 1639 edition most probably made by Tavernier after Bertius' death. It is identical to the 1927 edition from a geographical point of view, the only difference that can be noted is in the decorative elements were the ships and the sea monsters have been removed while the illustration showing the campsites of the indigenous of South America have been kept.

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BERTIUS, Petrus / TAVERNIER, Melchior