Carte de l'Asie corrigée et augmentée...
BERTIUS, Petrus / TAVERNIER, Melchior

Carte de l'Asie corrigée et augmentée...

Melchior Tavernier
Size : 40 x 36,5 cm
Color : Hand Colored
Condition : B
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 588-8

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Comprehensive and detailed map of Asia engraved by Melchior Tavernier.

This map of Asia extending from a part of Africa and the Mediterranean Sea in the west till the China Sea and and a part of the Pacific Ocean in the east. It is bounded by the a part of Europe, the Tartary Sea in the north and by the Indian Ocean in the south. Very comprehensive, this map details the regions of Asia especially the Arabian Peninsula, the Indian sub-continent, China, Japan and Tartary. Moreover, it features a detailed depiction of the flow of the Nile and names America in the top right corner of the map. This map is embellished by two decorative cartouches, one containing the title and the other containing the publisher's information. The only other decorative element is a small elephant in India.

BERTIUS, Petrus / TAVERNIER, Melchior