Hemisphaerium stellatum boreale cum subiecto haemisphaerio terrestri.

Hemisphaerium stellatum boreale cum subiecto haemisphaerio terrestri.

Joannem Janssonius
Size : 49,5 x 41,5 cm
Color : Coloris original
Condition : Très bon
Reference : 420-3-2

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Beautiful celestial map in period colors enhanced with gold.

It represents a view of the sky in which the constellations of the northern hemisphere are superimposed on the map of the globe. Richly decorated in the baroque style, the map is adorned with scenes, most of them historiated, representing cherubs, astronomers, instruments... all carefully hand-colored at the time with very important gold highlights. This magnificent celestial map was published in the work of the famous Dutch-German cartographer, mathematician and cosmographer Andreas Cellarius (ca 1596-1665) Harmonia macrocosmica seu atlas universalis et novus, rightly considered the most beautiful celestial atlas ever published and one of the masterpieces of the golden age of celestial cartography.

The Map of the "Boreal Celestial Hemisphere over the Earth's Hemisphere" depicts the boreal constellations visible from the northern hemisphere of the Earth. The title is inscribed in the upper corners, in two banners held by cherubs and suspended from bugles in which two angels blow, while in the lower corners are represented several figures including the mythological figures of Atlas and Hercules carrying the globe on their shoulders, cherubs flying above them. 2nd edition, with the number 26 in the lower right corner. Van der Krogt, P. (Atlantes) 1:801B (I p.514); Koeman IV, Cel 2