Maps, prints and photographs

Pingel Rare Books specializes in appraising and purchasing maps, prints and photographs. We provide free appraisals upon request.

Many criteria are to be taken into account in the evaluation of maps, prints or photographs such as provenance, dimensions, period or state of preservation. It is by considering all these factors and with a thorough knowledge of the art market that it is possible to make a reliable estimate of the value of a map, print or photograph.

How does the estimation of my map, print or photograph work?

We will collect the information on your map, print, photograph that you will have provided us by phone, email or via the contact form. Based on this information and photographs we will make a free estimate that we will send you by email within 48 hours. Finally, we will be able to propose you a solution adapted to the sale of your object.

Is it necessary to move to estimate its map, print, photograph?

No need to come to receive your estimate! We make an estimate on the basis of the information that you will have sent us. The photos give us information on many criteria and allow us to refine the estimate of your map, print, photograph.

Do you make estimates at home ?

When it is necessary, for example in the case of an inventory for sale, we can travel to carry out estimates everywhere in France.

What is the cost of the estimate ?

The estimation of your works is totally free but the values communicated are indicative and they cannot, in no case, be used for any purpose. It will be necessary to proceed later to a visual expertise of your object to confirm its authenticity and its value.

How to sell my map, print, photograph at the best price ?

There are two ways to sell your object at the best price: to contact a specialized dealer and to go through an auction. Specialized dealers allow you to make a quick, secure and confidential transaction. It is very important to use a dealer who is a member of a union such as the SNA or ILAB. Unions establish professional standards and codes of conduct in the trade. These rules govern the business practices of dealers who belong to the union and allow private customers to deal with them with confidence. Auctions allow an object to be sold over a longer period of time and with no guarantee of results. Nevertheless, with the right advice and in the right circumstances, an auction can be the best solution to sell your maps, prints and photographs.

Whatever solution you choose, Pingel Rare Books will help you in your selling process !

How do I sell my map, print or photograph?

1. Our experts will estimate the value of your map, print or photograph based on photographs. You can send us your information and photos by phone, email or via the contact form.

2. Deposit of your work for an in-depth expertise. The expertise allows us to confirm the estimate made on the basis of photographs.

3. In the case of an amicable sale, we will issue an invoice and pay your work immediately. In the case of a sale, your work is put up for sale according to the calendar of upcoming sales and payment is made by rib 5 weeks after the sale.