Deux pendules : Télémaque ou tables des lois de Minos / Musicienne à la lyre

ca. 1818-1830
Size : ca. 59 x 43 cm
Condition : A
Technique : lithograph, black pen and watercolor on paper

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Anonymous French, Two Pendulums: Telemachus or the Tablets of the Laws of Minos / Musician with a Lyre, ca. 1818-1830, lithograph, black pen and watercolor on paper, ca. 59 x 43 cm. Presence of handwritten inscriptions.

Bibliography : Unpublished. 

In addition to its aesthetic aspect, this duo of clock models constitutes a first-rate source of documentation on the history of French watchmaking. Put in colors, these works were to be used as model to a French watchmaker who could thus propose various types of clock to his customers. The whole is a magnificent panorama on the art of clock making during the Restoration.