[Napoléon & Henri IV]
G.J.N. Colany de Campo Vasto

[Napoléon & Henri IV]

Size : 17,5 x 24 cm
Color : NB
Condition : Très bon
Reference : 399-1

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A visual tour de force, these two prints represent landscapes with a human profile. John Grand-Carteret, an eminent art and fashion historian, praises the mastery and skill of the artists who created this type of work at the crossroads of genres: "What inventive spirit, what ingenuity was needed for those who drew you to transform trees of a very nice origin into beards and hair, to make foreheads, noses, and chins with rocks!" In the great tradition of trompe l'oeil and grotesques à la Arcimboldo, Claude-François Fortier drew, in these two compositions, the outlines of the faces of two French monarchs, Henri IV and Napoleon, while producing landscapes typical of those produced in the early nineteenth century. The artist shows both his talent and pays tribute to two important historical figures.

Bibliography: John Grand-Carteret, Vieux papiers, vieilles images, cartons d'un collectionneur, Paris, A. Le Vasseur, 1896, 543 p.

G.J.N. Colany de Campo Vasto