Les isles Boromées au Lac majeur
BLEULER, Johann Ludwig (Atelier de)

Les isles Boromées au Lac majeur

c. 1830
Size : 49,7 x 70,5 cm
Color : Coloris original
Condition : Bon
Technique : Gouache sur papier
Reference : 399-24

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Gouache on paper. Slight traces of wear. Signed: "at J. L. Bleuler at the castle of Laufen near Schaffhausen in Switzerland".

Specialized in alpine representations, Johann Ludwig Bleuler trained in Paris and then settled in Schaffhausen, at the castle of Laufen, according to the Schweizerisches Künstler-Lexikon [1]. As the head of a real workshop, he was very successful with his mountain and lake landscapes, as can be seen in the Handbook for Travelers along the Rhine after Schreuber, Gray, Fearnshide and John Watts. This guidebook states that: "Before leaving the Rhine Falls one should visit the castle of Laufen, inhabited by a distinguished artist from Schaffhausen, Mr. Louis Bleuler. The traveler will find at Mr. Bleuler's a numerous and selected collection of views of the Rhine and Switzerland, gouaches, watercolors painted by Mr. Bleuler himself; all of Richard's itineraries on the banks of the Rhine, in Switzerland, etc., etc., the panorama of the Rhine, road maps, etc., etc. Mr. Bleuler has reproduced, with all possible accuracy and in different formats, the view of the waterfall. It is a souvenir that the tourist must take with him"[2].

Representing Lake Maggiore, this gouache offers a detailed view of the Borromean Islands. In this composition, the artist paints the famous tiered gardens of the palace built on the Isola Bella. Capturing the pinkish and bluish light chords that dot the landscape, he accurately renders the picturesque, lakeside atmosphere of Italian Piedmont.

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[2] Schreuber (dirs.), Gray (dirs.), Fearnshide (dirs.) and John Watts (dirs.), Manuel du voyageur sur les bords du Rhin, Paris, L. Maison, 1846, p. 541-542.

BLEULER, Johann Ludwig (Atelier de)

Johann Ludwig Bleuler (1792-1850) was a Swiss landscape painter and member of the Schweizer Kleinmeister.

Johann Ludwig Bleuler studied in Paris and after finishing his studies moved to Schaffhausen and to the castle of Laufen on the Rhine Falls. He employs artists in his workshops to supply his art business, among them Egidius Federle, Konrad Corradi and Emmanuel Labhardt.