17 October 93
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Autograph note signed (n.p.) 17 October 93. 1 p. in-12 oblong. 

He announces "I authorise Mademoiselle Esther to receive the amount of the present Sonnet" with an autograph postscript signed by Philomène BOUDIN, also known as Esther, "Reçu cinq francs pour sonnet [...]". 

Attached to this note from Paul Verlaine is a facsimile of Rimbaud's poem Oraison du soir, copied and modified by Paul Verlaine, the original being below the Poème les Douaniers. As well as an envelope addressed to Izambard. This poem differs from Rimbaud's original. Steven Murphy notes the following differences:

V 1: "an Angel.
V 4: "under the heavens thick with impalpable veils", a lesson that could suggest clouds. This was the interpretation proposed by Suzanne Bernard (op.cit., p.389). Antoine Adam, as early as 1970 (op.cit), and André Guyaux, in the corrections he made to the Garnier edition, think that it is more likely to refer to tobacco smoke. This is what is suggested by the change Rimbaud made in the version given to Valade.
V 7 "mon cœur tendre" (my tender heart) more explicitly justifies the comparison with sapwood.
V 9 "And when" (instead of "Then, when").


Paul Verlaine, who was born on 30 March 1844 in Metz and died on 8 January 1896 in Paris, was a French writer and poet. 

He published his first collection, Poèmes saturniens, in 1866, at the age of 22. His life was turned upside down when he met Arthur Rimbaud in September 1871. Their tumultuous and erratic love life culminated in the violent scene in Brussels when Verlaine shot the man he called his "infernal husband" in the wrist with a revolver. 

Tried and convicted, he spent two years in prison. He returned to Catholicism and wrote the poems that were to feature in his next collections: Sagesse (1880), Jadis et Naguère (1884) and Parallèlement (1889). 

He is the emblematic figure of the accursed poet. An alcoholic and ill, Verlaine died of acute pneumonia at the age of 51.