[Americana] La fin des Etats-Unis

[Americana] La fin des Etats-Unis

before September 1, 1896
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Autograph manuscript signed, Neuilly (n.d. before September 1, 1896). 5 pp. in-4. 

Complete original manuscript entitled "La fin des Etats-Unis", an article published in La revue Blanche on September 1, 1896.
This is a rather elaborate version of the article, with erasures, corrections and additions. Jacques Saint-Cère's article is political, focusing on the upcoming American presidential election on November 3, 1896. He attempts to decipher the situation in the United States.

He begins his analysis: "We might have thought that it is only in old countries that present political organizations break down. [...] But that social and political evolution should be so rapid that even in a new country like America, the parties that have been in existence for half a century are going, running, flying to an imminent, inevitable, necessary decomposition, is new and truly unexpected. And yet this is the spectacle that America offers us. [...]The day populist candidate M. Bryan, at the Chicago convention, took the delegates' votes, much to the astonishment of the party bosses, much to the fright of the Wall-Street capitalists, [...] I don't know who will emerge victorious from next November's struggle [... ...] Scores, when taken carefully and without bias, give almost zero deviations, and it is perhaps on the suffrage of a few Negroes perfectly unaware of the importance of the role they have to play, that an economic revolution depends, the effects of which will be felt throughout the world. [...] But what is happening from the Atlantic to the Pacific will have far more far-reaching consequences, and this in the more or less distant future: it is the end of the United States in its present form. The American Civil War was caused by the absolute difference in the interests of the Southern states and those of the North; [...] new interests have arisen, and this time in a different direction: there are the interests of the East and the interests of the West, [...] In the East, we are only manufacturers, we need to export, we are free traders. In the West, we're all about farming, we need to ensure domestic consumption, we're protectionists. How can these interests be reconciled - and how can we expect people who live only to work, who work only to earn money, to make concessions when their work and their money are at stake? [...] ".


Nom de plume d'Armand-Maurice-Dieudonné Rosenthal, (November 9, 1855 - May 29, 1898) was a French political journalist and essayist.

He worked for and was a friend of Sacher-Masoch, under the name "R. Armand", he became the regular editor of his magazine, Auf der Höhe, Internationale Revue. He betrayed his friend by becoming the lover of Wanda von Sacher-Masoch. He was arrested for blackmail and extortion in the Lebaudry affair, but was tried and acquitted.

He contributed to a number of magazines, including La Revue Blanche.