Commémoration en France de l'Indépendance des États-Unis
Préfecture de la Seine

Commémoration en France de l'Indépendance des États-Unis

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28 juin 1918
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Declaration by the French Minister of the Interior Jules Pams, dated 28 June 1918, inviting Parisians to participate in the Independence Day commemorations on 4 July.

translation of the declaration:

"M. le Ministre de l'Intérieur has sent the following circular to the Prefects:
The American army arrives by hundreds of thousands of men each month. From week to week new divisions enter the line side by side with our soldiers and those of our allies, testifying from the first encounters to a heroism equal to that of their brothers in arms.
The help that the United States is giving us with all its heart, with all its power, is giving invaded France, at the decisive hour of this war, immense material and moral comfort.
History will tell what the American contribution has been in the sacred struggle in which we are engaged. It will say that disinterested America came to us, at the call of its eminent leader, because our cause is just.
It will say that America, peaceful by principle and tradition, entered the most atrocious of wars because in that war there was human liberty and the right of democracies to defend.
It will say that, in order to take its place in the battle we have been waging for four years, America has made the most prodigious military, industrial and financial effort that any free people has ever made in response to the command of duty.
The sanctity of the same ideal of price and liberty unites American and French hearts...
On July 4, the United States will celebrate its national day. Just as ours, ten days later, will be an American holiday, the American holiday must be a French holiday.
Between the two sister Republics, everything is now common: sufferings and joys, mourning and hopes.
The Government is therefore sure to respond to the deep feeling of the country by prescribing for the 4th of July the same provisions as for the 14th of July.
You will be kind enough, by giving the above the necessary publicity, to allow our populations of the cities and the countryside, so great by their work and their sacrifice, to associate themselves with the glorious memories for America and for France that this anniversary evokes on both sides of the ocean."

Jules Pams (1852-1930) was in turn general councillor, deputy, senator and then minister of agriculture. He was appointed Minister of the Interior in the government of Georges Clémenceau from November 1917 to January 1920 under the presidency of Raymond Poincaré.

Préfecture de la Seine