Manuscript "Remède contre la rage"

August 15, 1783
Size : 7,2 x 9,8 inches
Condition : A

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2 manuscripts, entitled "Remède contre la rage [...]", Bourges, 15 August 1783. 4 pp. in-4 and "Remède contre la rage" (s.l.n.d.). 4 pp. in-4. 

Interesting testimony on the care and treatment of rabies in the 18th century.  The two manuscripts are based on the same source "the fouchier family" which itself had it from the "Jaucour house "1 renowned in the treatment of this disease. The first manuscript is divided into five parts:
The first manuscript is divided into five parts. It explains how to make the recipe (a kind of omelette with wine), and then indicates the dosage of the recipe. The second part deals with bites on animals, the recipe evolves in its components. The third and fourth parts explain the manufacture of rose hip powder and walnut oil. The last part is devoted to the origin of this recipe and includes a sort of certificate of authenticity issued by Father Degavel, the parish priest of St. Fulgent.
The second manuscript is written on the same plan, however we note some differences. The most important being the addition of an extra part entitled "observation". 

1 House of Jaucourt ? from which the Chevalier de Jaucourt emanates. The Chevalier devoted 20 years of his life to recording his medical knowledge.