Eugenie Empress of the French to Levesque des Varennes

C. 1868
Size : 5,31 x 7.87 inches
Condition : B

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A.L.S. addressed to "M. [Ambroise Levesque] des Varannes, Commandt le d'Estrées" (n.p.n.d. [1868]). 1 p. in-8. Pasted on cardboard, a tear at the bottom of the page and at the side folds.

She asks him "Did you receive the organ? What day do you have to leave? Answer by telegraph.

Bill written before his departure to Quebec. The steam frigate d'Estrées made a stopover for supplies in Quebec City, it arrived on August 16 and left on September 11 for the West Indies.  Stricken with yellow fever, the day after his departure from Cuba, Levesque des Varannes died in Port-au-Prince, in the home of the French consul general, M. de Courthial.