Correspondence from Louis Jou on his work Abeille
JOU, Louis

Correspondence from Louis Jou on his work Abeille

Les Baux
from May 28, 1923 to July 22, 1923
Size : 21,6 x 27 cm et 21,6 x 27, 7 cm
Condition : A
Reference : 285-18

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3 A.L.S. to Mr. and Mrs. Coq, Les baux, from May 28, 1923 to July 22, 1923. 3 pp. in-4. Header with his initials and his motto.

Interesting correspondence addressed to the publisher André Coq, his wife, in which Jou evokes the creation of the work Abeille (1923).

On May 28, Louis Jou calls André Coq "[...] I have no news of Abeille? [...] Do you have any leaves? And the word of honor? Can you give me details?"; on July 2, he addresses this time Mrs. Coq and tells her of his dismay and anger "You speak only of my faults, without Mr. Coq's faults being in question [...] when I told you that you would have the drawings, for me, it was a certain fact that you would have them. But when Mr. Coq promised to send me a sum of money here in Les Baux, and I have received nothing, was it also certain? You know, Madame, that I am not rich, and that if I work it is simply because I need what I earn from my work [...]" he then evokes a book on which he had to work and the accumulated delays (the book and the drawings). He insists at length on the payment of his work; finally on July 22, 1923, a drawing of the work Bee is missing, he indicates in a tone of reproach "They have traveled a lot from my home, your home, my home. It misses one... possible. If I had had the copy of Abeille, it might not have happened, but so soon [...]" so he will make or redo the drawing that he does not think to have in his proofs, he then evokes the cover, the number of woods he will need, his expenses, the additional drawings...."

JOU, Louis