Tonkin, China and Annam expedition - certificate
OLRY, Jean-Baptiste Léon

Tonkin, China and Annam expedition - certificate

February 18, 1886
Size : 8.4 x 12.5 inches
Condition : B
Reference : 285-20

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Partly printed piece for the Commemorative Medal of the Tonkin Expedition, for the benefit of the soldier of 2nd class of the Marine infantry, Bondeau Léonard. Document laminated on strong paper, with some wetness and foxing.

Certificate n°837, made in Paris on February 18, 1886. The authorization to wear this medal is registered under n°10940. Document signed by the rear-admiral, Jean-Baptiste Léon Olry.

This medal was instituted by the law of September 6, 1885, and was awarded to soldiers and sailors who took part in the 1883-1885 expedition.

OLRY, Jean-Baptiste Léon