Monumento a Francesco Primo in Vienna. Denkmal Franz dem Ersten in Wien. Monument à François Premier à Vienne.
AMBROSOLI, Francesco

Monumento a Francesco Primo in Vienna. Denkmal Franz dem Ersten in Wien. Monument à François Premier à Vienne.

P. Ripamonti Carpano
Condition : Comme neuf
Technique : Ink on paper
Reference : 197-1

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One volume in-folio, in sheets; purple velvet, gilt rocaille frames with Austrian imperial arms on first board, decorated spine, ivory moire endpapers, all edges gilt. In slipcase. (54) ff., 15 plates. Text in Italian and French by Francesco Ambrosoli, translated into German by Julius Krone.

Provenance : Heir to the family of the Austrian Emperors. Spectacular binding with the coat of arms of Ferdinand I (1793-1875), Emperor of Austria, King of Lombardy-Venetia, King of Hungary and King of Bohemia (1835-1848).

Unique edition printed in a very small number for the artist of the description of the work of the knight Pompey Marchesi, by Francesco Ambrosoli.

The monument to the glory of Francis First of Austria, was ordered by his son Ferdinand First to the sculptor Pompey Marchesi. The first two plates show the monument in its entirety (front and back), the next 13 detail the statues (5) - Religion, Peace, Justice, Strength, The Emperor - and the bas-reliefs of the work (8) - The Animal Kingdom, The Vegetable Kingdom, The Mineral Kingdom, Industry, Commerce, Sciences, Christian Art, Military Virtue.The plates engraved in intaglio were executed by skilled students of the I.R. Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. To bring the monument to the highest perfection, Marchesi relied on the advice of professors of architecture, sculpture, ornaments and foresight (especially Mr. Durelli) of the same Academy. The statues, the bas-reliefs and all the parts of the ornaments in bronze were cast in Milan in the workshops of Mr. J. B. Viscardi, successor of the late Mr. Manfredini.

AMBROSOLI, Francesco

Francesco Ambrosoli (1797-1868) was an Italian professor of Latin and Greek philology at the University of Pavia. He was also a literary critic and translator. In addition to his original works, Ambrosoli is known for having translated from Greek the Geography of Strabo (Milan 1827-33, vol. 5), from Latin the Histories of Ammianus Marcellinus (Milan 1829), and from German the History of Ancient and Modern Literature by Friedrich Schlegel (Milan 1828, vol. 2).