Handwritten notes of the [Voyage dans le Haouran et aux bords de la Mer Morte exécuté pendant les années 1857 et 1858].
GUILLAUME-REY, Alban Emmanuel

Handwritten notes of the [Voyage dans le Haouran et aux bords de la Mer Morte exécuté pendant les années 1857 et 1858].

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6 handwritten notebooks in-4 in brown ink (18 x 23 cm), in sheets.
386 pages, 8 half-pages and 2 thirds of pages of text with illustrations. 11 pages of drawings (topography and architecture) on paper and tracing, format ranging from In-4 to large folio. Each booklet kept in a paper folder with the title in ink.

Autograph notes written by Doctor Ernest Delbet, during the trip made by the orientalist Alban Emmanuel Guillaume-Rey in 1857 in the Haouran (1). These notes are illustrated with handwritten drawings and sketches in the text, topographical plans, pieces of architecture, ruins and views of cities, as well as 8 out-of-text plans on different types of paper.

The set is completed by an "Extract from a note by M. Gaillardot on the campaigns of the Egyptians against the Druses of Haouran" also written by Doctor Delber.  

Throughout these pages, Guillaume-Rey describes the circumstances of his journey and the different situations experienced during the trip in this region of the Arab world. Leaving Beirut in October 1857, the author went to Damascus, then to the Haouran, to Jerusalem and to the Dead Sea. He accompanies his notes with illustrations relating to topography and architecture, which will allow him to add an atlas to the original edition of his Voyage.

The notebook entitled Route de Jerusalem en retour du Houran concerns an unpublished part of the journey, that of the Jordan River to Nazareth and Jerusalem. Put aside by Guillaume-Rey at the time of the writing of his work because he judged it to be of no interest to the reader, these pages complete the work and evoke the events that took place in Nazareth and Jerusalem during the celebrations at the end of 1857.


Travel notes. Journal. (30 September - 7 October 1857). 52 pp. Description of the trip from Alexandria to Beirut.

Notes. Diary of the trip to Damascus (18 October - 30 October 1857). 52 pp 1/2. From Beirut, the author travels to Damascus through Ledja, Djebel-Haouran and the mountainous country of Safah, as well as the ruins of Kharbet-ech-cheikh-Serak.

Trip to the Haouran, Notes from November 21 [to December 10, 1857]. 74 pp. and 11 pp. of plans and sketches, 7 of which on loose-leaf pages and 4 in the text. This part concerns the road from Mejdel to Nedjran and Kanaouat. The leaves of 29, 30 November speak of the Abu-Tumeis race and include a handwritten map of the area.

Travel notes. Road to Jerusalem on the way back from Houran. (16 December 1857 - 1 January 1858). 44 pp. With a sketch in the text. Unpublished notes from Jordan to Nazareth and Jerusalem.

Notes of the trip around the Dead Sea (January 16 - January 27, 1858). 73 pp, 2 half pages and 1/3 pages. With 7 plans and sketches, one of which on a loose leaf. Notes on the itinerary of the trip from Jerusalem to Saint-Saba.

Journey around the Dead Sea. 2nd notebook (January 6 - January 15, 1858).  85 pp and 2 half pages. With 5 sketches in the text. The expedition continues its journey around the Dead Sea passing through various villages and towns, among them Jericho.

an "Extract of a note of Mr. Gaillardot on the campaign of the Egyptians against the Druses of Haouran". (18 and 19 March 1858). 6 pp. 1/3 page and 1 p. of drawing. Historical account. With a sketch on a loose leaf.

A seventh paper folder is present in this set. It is entitled "Notes de Voyage - Séjour à Damas". This folder contains a single sheet (squared paper, folio), bearing a plan of a monument of Petra, below the plan, handwritten indication (from another hand) "Please check on the large facades in the plan of De Laborde (Petra)". 

Ernest Delbet, medical doctor, sociologist and deputy (1831-1908) was a close friend of Auguste Comte. He fully adhered to his ideas to which he remained firmly attached. He was one of the executors of Auguste Comte's will (replacing Hadery), a member of the Comité Positif Occidental, and a founding member of the Société positiviste d'enseignement populaire supérieur.

A talented sociologist, he became a member of the Society of Social Economy. He was sent on a mission to the Middle East in 1857 and accompanied Alban Emmanuel Guillaume-Rey on his trip to the Haouran. 

In 1895 he founded the Collège libre des sciences sociales of which he was director and where he taught. He was a member of many civil, scientific and academic societies. 

From his missions abroad, he published many works, including a Catalogue of the mission of Asia Minor; Archaeological Exploration of Galatia and Bithynia; Peasant in community and polygamy of Boussah in Syria ... 

(1) Article by Henry Bordeaux, L'Orient en marche I Dans la Montagne des Druses in Revue des Deux Mondes, seventh period, Vol. 29, No. 2 (September 15, 1925), pp. 243 (footnote).

E. Guillaume Rey, Voyage dans le Haouran et aux bords de la Mer Morte : exécuté pendant les années 1857 et 1858, Paris, Arthus-Bertrand (1861).

Obituary - Speeches by Mr. Henri Brisson (President of the Chamber of Deputies), by Dr. Jacques Bertillon (on behalf of the Collège libre des sciences sociales), by Mr. Emile Corra (on behalf of the Société positiviste), by Mr. P. Grimanelli (on behalf of the Société de sociologie), pp. 89-99 in Revue positiviste internationale, n°1, January 1, 1909

Archives - House of Auguste Comte Correspondence: 48 ms letters, period 1870-1910.

GUILLAUME-REY, Alban Emmanuel

Alban Emmanuel Guillaume-Rey (1837-1916) was a French archaeologist, topographer and orientalist. 

After his studies, Guillaume-Rey decided to make his first trip to Syria. At the age of twenty, he made important academic publications and decided to explore the Haouran region in Syria, hoping to gain some academic glory. He was introduced to topography by Alexis Noël during this trip. 

On his return from Syria in 1859, Rey helped to create an Arabic-French dictionary in collaboration with the Oeuvre d'Orient foundation. In December 1865, he received the title of Knight of the Order of Saint Gregory, conferred by the Vatican; in 1866, he was finally awarded the title of Knight of the Legion of Honour and Foreign Orders as a publicist in charge of missions in the Orient.

Emmanuel Guillaume-Rey became a member of several learned societies, including the Société Nationale des Antiquaires de France, the Société de Géographie and the Société archéologique d'Eure-et-Loir.