[Slavery] Deed of sale of a black slave

[Slavery] Deed of sale of a black slave

Island of Gorée
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Handwritten bill of sale, Ile de Gorée, July 22, 1844. 1 p 1/3 in-folio. Indications "Nº 47" and "Vente de la négresse Niania Diop [...]".

The document bears the signatures of the parties and witnesses to the sale: Pierre Lapolice, the owner, Mr. Juste Dubue, the buyer Armand Laporte, mayor of the island of Gorée, Joseph Piraud and Roberg.
Mr. Dubuc "buyer for him only : The captive named Niania Diop, aged about seventeen years, without profession, living and domiciled in the said island of Gorée, belonging to him as having been born in his home of a negress who was his captive. [...]"

The island of Goree, being the westernmost point of Africa, was not only an ideal stopover for navigators but also one of the most recognized slave trade centers of the African coast between the 15th and 19th centuries. Since its discovery by the Portuguese navigator Dinis Dias who named it Palma in 1444, the island of Goree belonged to the Dutch who named it Goede Reede in 1588, then to the French in 1677 who disputed the position with the English until 1802. The island was occupied by the English from 1804 to 1817 when it was returned to France.