Carte d'Amerique dressée pour l'usage du Roi
DEZAUCHE, Jean-Claude

Carte d'Amerique dressée pour l'usage du Roi

Size :
Color : Outlines Colored at the time
Condition :
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 759-21

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First edition of Dezauche's map of the America's after Delisle's 1722 famous map.

Centered on the Americas, this map extends from Pacific Ocean in the west till a part of Europe and Africa in the east, and from the Eskimo and Hudson Bay in the north till the farthest point of South America, Cap Horn. Thus, encompassing Canada, the United States, Mexico, the West Indies, Colombia, Bresil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, the Amazones...

This map was first published in 1722 by Guillaume Delisle, several editions of this map appeared up till 1830 holding revisions and alterations. The present example is the first edition by Dezauche of this map that was redrawn and re-engraved in 1785 with new title "Carte d'Amerique dressée pour l'usage du Roi" and included an inset illustrating the north west coast according to the discoveries of Captain Cook. California is noticeably different and is depicted in its actual peninsular form. Several names of the west coast were altered, Tooley gives Montery  that has been shown at the head of R. du Carmel as an example. Further north, the Great Lakes are accurately depicted where the exaggerated size of Lake Bourbon has been rectified. Additionally, this map locates Port Royale, Halifax, Plaisance (Newfoundland) Portsmouth, Philadelphia... Dezauche also traced the Papal Demarcation line and erased "Isles Quiros" to enlarge the title cartouche decorated with royal arms. In editions after the French Revolution by Dezauche the royal arms were replaced with ribbons.  

Tooley, p.15 [#9]

DEZAUCHE, Jean-Claude