Carte du Lionnois, Forest, Beauiolois et Masconnois

Carte du Lionnois, Forest, Beauiolois et Masconnois

Jean Le Clerc
Size : 48 x 38 cm
Color : Uncolored
Condition : 2 small wormholes and a stain on the map
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 759-19

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Regional map of Lyon, Beaujolais and Macon showing Rhône river.

Map illustrating a part the region extending from Limagnes and Bourbonnais in the north till the Principality of Dombes in the south. From the west it shows the Rhone river, and extends till Macon in the east. Thus showing Lyon, Lyon the forest, and Beaujolais.

This map was first published in 1594 by Maurice Bouguereau in his first national atlas of France that included regional maps. This expample was published in 1619 by Jean Le Clerc in his atlas Theatre Geographique de France after he acquired Bouguereau's plates. Later reprints made by Le Clerc's widow appeared in 1621, 1626, and 1632.

Pastoureau, LECLERC A 1619 [34]