Carte de la Crimée pour suivre les opérations de la guerre d'Orient

Imp. Kaeppelin
Color : Original colors
Condition : A
Technique : Copper engraving

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Large map of the Crimean Peninsula during the war of 1853-1856 showing military operations and campaigns taking place.

This map depicts the Crimean Peninsula showing the shores of the Black Sea, and the Azov Sea. Very detailed it includes symbols indicating the placement of cities, villages, houses, churches, monasteries, post routes that are colored in orange, forts, windmills, lighthouses ... It contains three inset maps: "Cartes des Pays Riverains de la Mer Noire" ; a map of the port of Sevastopol ; and a map illustrating the Battle of Alma "Plan de la Bataille de L'Alma (20 septembre 1854)" it is rich in annotations detailing the battle positions and enhanced with colors. The last one is found only in rare variants of this map.

Clearly, this map was issued to follow the events of the war, It was published in 1855 by Ernest Bourdin in Voyagé dans la Russie Méridionale et la Crimée, par le Prince de Deminoff. Prince Anatole Demidoff was a Russian nobleman who traveled extensively throughout Europe in the mid-19th century. His book narrates his travel through Russia and Crimea providing valuable insight about the people, culture, and history of the region. It included a number of illustrations and maps, including "Carte de la Crimée pour suivre les opérations de la guerre d'Orient" created by Bourdin himself.


Ernest Bourdin was a Parisian map publisher, active during the 19th century. He produced numerous maps of France and other parts of Europe.