[View of Saint Petersbourg]

[View of Saint Petersbourg]

St. Petersburg
A. Beggroff, supplier to His Majesty's Court
Size : 69,5 x 99 cm
Technique : Lithography

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Nice and large general bird's eye view of St Petersburg and its surroundings by the architect Joseph Charlemagne (1824-1870), superbly engraved by A. Appert, and published by A. Beggrov, supplier to the Court of His Majesty in 1861.

Born into a family of famous architects (he was the son of Joseph-Jean Charlemagne or Iossif Ivanovitch Charlemagne, known as Charlemagne I), Joseph Charlemagne (or Joseph-Maria Charlemagne-Baudet or Iossif Iossifovitch Charlemagne) was an architect and painter who was born and died in St Petersburg (1824-1870). After studying architecture at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, he entered the service of the court as assistant to the architect Nikolai Efimov for the construction of the New Hermitage ordered by Emperor Nicholas I. An academician of architecture and a talented watercolourist, he is the author of a series of architectural views of St Petersburg, including this magnificent lithograph.

А.Апперт, по оригиналу И.Шарлеманя. Общий вид Санкт-Петербурга с окрестностями с высоты птичьего полета. Санкт-Петербург, изд.А.Беггрова, поставщика Двора Е.И.Величества. 1861. Литография, лист плотной бумаги 

Великолепная литография Иосифа Иосифовича Шарлеманя (1824-1870), академика архитекторы, талантливого аквареллиста, автора серии архитектурных видов Петербурга.