ALBERT, Mathen / LOTTER, George Frederic

A new and correct map of North America, with the West India Islands...

Color : Original colors
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 677-1

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Sheet 2 of George Frederic Lotter's map of the United States that is widely considered a pirated German edition of the map created by Thomas Pownall in 1776.

This map marked the history of American cartography as being reproduction of Thomas Pownall's work without his permission and with minor changes. It  combines the detail of Pownall's map such the names of towns, forts, hand-colored colonial borders, factories, stations, roads, mines, and Spanish missions, with the boundaries of the 13 provinces of the United States of America divided according to the last Treaty of Peace, concluded at Paris the 20th of January 1783 to end the Revolutionary War. It stretches beyond the boundaries of the United States to include parts of Canada and the Caribbean Islands. Thus including historical facts about the region for over 20 years, which makes it valuable among 18th century maps of North America.

Originally published on 4 large sheets, the present example is the second sheet of this map that includes the title with and illustrated vignette. The later depicts a lively scene on a harbor: two wealthy gentlemen seem of be having a conversation with one who is seated next to a filled warehouse while a slave is serving him a glass of wine. In the background other slaves are loading barrels while being supervised by another wealthy man.

ALBERT, Mathen / LOTTER, George Frederic