Pontus Euxinus of Niewe en Naaukeurige...
OTTENS, Renier & Joshua

Pontus Euxinus of Niewe en Naaukeurige...

Color : Hand Colored
Condition : A
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 624-61

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Complete Title : Pontus Euxinus of nieuwe en naauwkeurige paskaart van de zwarte zee uyt verscheydene stucken van die gewelten toegesonden = Pontus Euxinus or new and accurate pass map of the black sea from various parts of the vaults sent to it.

Beautiful example of Ottens' map of the Black Sea and its surroundings.

This map is centered on the Black Sea and depicts the its European and Asian coastal towns in remarkable detail, where each town is represented by an illustrated monument or building. The map shows Romania and Ukraine in the west and stretches east till parts of Georgia and Russia ; and extends from Crimea and Sebastopol in the north till parts of Constantinople in the south. The top right corner of the map is embellished by an attractive illustrated title cartouche.

This map printed by the Ottens brothers Reiner & Joshua was designed by Nicolaas Witsen and was listed in his book "Noord en Oost Tartarye", first published in 1692. Witsen was the mayor of Amsterdam, he studied law in Leiden and was part of an official delegation to Moscow in 1664. On his return, his published a book on Tartary. The records of the National library of France show an edition of this map published by L. Renard.


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OTTENS, Renier & Joshua