Nova Hispania, et Nova Galicia

Nova Hispania, et Nova Galicia

Jan Jansson
Size : 38, 5 x 51 cm
Color : Original colors
Condition : A+
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 624-57

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Beautiful example of Jansson's very decorative map of Western Mexico depicting major cities in the region. It is centered on Guadalajara and stretches from the Sierra Madres mountain chain in the west and Mexico City in the east. This map is characterized for including major city names with notes about each region, some of these cities are: Compostela, Purificatio, Guadalajara, Colima, Cuernabaca, Sacatula,  and others...

Very decorative, the map's embellishment includes two large illustrated cartouches, dutch sailing ship and a sea monster. The first is a title cartouche with the coats of arms of Hapsburg Spain, it is mounted with a lion holding a globe and a royal blade. Another smaller cartouche contains a key with major cities' names, it is adorned by a cherub and two armadillos.

This map was first published by in 1636 in the English edition of Hondius and Jansson's Atlas Novus, it was later published the German, Latin, French, Dutch and Spanish editions of this atlas. The present example appeared in the French edition that was published between 1652 and 1658.

Van der Krogt, I, [9510:1.2]