Africae Nova Tabula
HONDIUS Henricus Hondius & JANSSON Jan

Africae Nova Tabula

Size :
Color : Original colors
Condition : A+
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 624-55

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Beautiful example of the very decorative map of Africa by Hondius in modern colors.

It extends from the coasts of the Mediterranean and a part of Asia north to the Cape of Good Hope south, and from south Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea in the east. Richly embellished, it is decorated with Dutch sailing ships, flying fish, whales, mermaids and monsters in the oceans, while elephants, monkeys, lions, ostriches and camels populate the continent. The map is elegantly decorated with a title cartouche.

The map is in its fourth state as described by Van der Krogt, it was published in the the third volume of the French edition of Henricus Hondius atlas "Nouvel Atlas" published Johannes Janssonius 1652-58.

Van der Krogt, I, [8600:1D.4]

HONDIUS Henricus Hondius & JANSSON Jan