DELISLE, Guillaume

Carte de la Louisiane et du cours du Mississipi

Guillaume Delisle
Size : 55 x 75 cm
Color : Original colors
Condition : A
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : CPV-45-105

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Second state of Delisle's map of Louisiana, the first to mention New Orleans. This map, important for the history of cartography in the United States, shows the lower Mississippi River and surrounding areas. 

It is the first detailed map of the region and the Mississippi River, the first to locate and indicate Texas (Mission de los Teijas established in 1716). "This marked the first appearance of a form of the name Texas on a printed map, so Delisle is credited with establishing Texas as a geographic place name. " (Martin & Martin). It is also the first to indicate the land routes of explorers of previous centuries (we find the routes of De Soto in 1539 and 1540, Moscoso in 1542, Cavelier in 1687, Tony in 1702, Denis in 1713...

Delisle's map is considered one of the most important maps of the North American continent, the main source of the maps of the Mississippi that were drawn later by Homann, Moll, Senex, Seutter... ("This map is the mother and main source of all the later maps of the Mississippi", J. G. Kohl; "One of the most important mother maps of the North American continent", William P. Cumming). Two relatively new settlements in New Mexico, S. Maria de Grado and S. Phelipe d'Albuquerque, both founded in 1705, are indicated, as well as Natchitoches on the Red River, which was founded in 1717. Also indicated are French and English settlements, the location of mines, etc.

The map had political implications and offended the English by claiming Carolina "so named in honor of Charles IX by the French who discovered it, took possession of it and settled there...". New Orleans, founded by Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville in the spring of 1718 appears for the first time on a map. Some stains. Restoration at the fold. Martin & Martin, Maps of Texas, pl. 19, pp. 98-9; Schwartz/ Ehrenberg, pp. 140-41, (illus.) 146; Cumming, Southeast, no. 170; Kohl,Lowery Collection, p. 230.

DELISLE, Guillaume