Carte réduite des mers comprises entre l'Asie et l'Amérique

Size : 63 x 90 cm
Color : Uncolored
Condition : A+
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : CPV-45-99

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Elegant map representing the Pacific world known to Europeans in the 1750s. This map by Dheulland is one of the last works on the Pacific world before the series of explorations between 1760 and 1790. It presents a map of the Pacific Ocean and includes the entire western coast of the Americas, the Philippines and Japan, as well as parts of China and Korea. The characteristics of eighteenth-century depictions are evident: the California peninsula is correctly depicted, Japan has been made horizontal, and the size of Korea has been exaggerated.

The map is delicately embellished by a large title cartouche illustrated by a frame composed of objects typically associated with the Pacific Ocean at the time.

The first state of this map was first published in 1742, however the present example was corrected in 1756.


Intaglio engraver, born towards the end of the 17th or the beginning of the 18th century, died around 1770, he mainly engraved architectural plates and geographical maps. Draughtsman and engraver of the King for the Navy.