Jeu géographique instructif et amusant

Jeu géographique instructif et amusant

[Auguste Jouvenel]
[c. 1821]
Size : 51 x 64 cm
Color : Uncolored
Technique : Copper engraving
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This rare and beautiful educational board engraved by Auguste Jouvenel P. fils, forms a game board and is played on the principle of the game of the goose. The rules, printed in the central part, specify that "in order for the game to be instructive, the players must succinctly explain the squares on which they place their marks". Thus, the players will have to test their knowledge of the continents, rivers, lakes, springs, isthmuses and volcanoes of the various parts of the world, etc., throughout the 63 squares of the game. The game ends when a player reaches the last square, which represents a world map.

This game can be dated according to the Bibliographie de la France, or Journal général de l'imprimerie et de la librairie for the year 1821, which mentions, under n° 4995, a "Notice to serve as an explanation of the geographical game by Mrs B., teacher, rue Royale in Lille".