The Turkish Empire. Newly Augmented by John Speed. 1626

Size : 52 x 40 cm
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 602

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Rare Edition of Speed's classic map of the Turkish Empire in original colors.

Splendid carte-de-figures map covering the region from Greece across the Middle East, with the Arabian Peninsula, the Black and Caspian Seas, and the Red Sea. Based on Hondius' map of the region, the interior displays mountains, deserts, and numerous towns and villages. Included along the top are eight bird's-eye views of important cities including Damascus, Jerusalem, Constantinople, Rhode, Alexandria, Ormus and Famagusta. Along each side are five full portraits of Greek, Egyptian, Assyrian, Arabian, and Persian men on the left and their wives on the right. With numerous annotations in blank areas giving historical and geographical details. The English text on verso provides a fascinating contemporary description of the region.