Carte de l'Empire d'Allemagne divisé en ses cercles . . .
HERISSON, Eustache

Carte de l'Empire d'Allemagne divisé en ses cercles . . .

Size : 76,5 x 54 cm
Color : Outlines Colored at the time
Condition : A
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 496-53

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Decorative map of the Empire of Germany and Austria made at the time of the Austrian campaign of 1805.

The map extends from France to Hungary and also includes Poland and part of Prussia.

The Austrian campaign of 1805 was one of Napoleon I's major campaigns and took place during the war of the Third Coalition. Napoleon abandoned his preparations for landing in England at the Boulogne camp to turn against his two great continental adversaries, Austria and Russia. He encircled and captured an Austrian army in the Ulm campaign, entered Vienna, and met and defeated the combined Austro-Russian forces at the Battle of Austerlitz, which allowed him to dictate his peace terms to Austria at the Peace of Presburg.

HERISSON, Eustache

Eustache Hérisson (1759-18..) was a geographer and engineer, a student of Bonne, whose work has been widely published. A prolific cartographer, he was particularly active in the years 1810-1820.