SANSON, Guillaume

Etats de l'Empire du Grand Seigneur Des Turcs, en Europe, en Asie, et en Afrique divisé . . . Beglerbeglicz ou Gouvernements

Hubert Jaillot
Size : 65 x 46 cm
Color : Outlines Colored at the time
Condition : A
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 496-20

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Large and decorative map of the Turkish Empire by Sanson.

The map extends from Algeria to Russia with Turkey in the center. Arabia is masterfully represented.

The map was made in the year when Mustafa II, known as the Battler or the Warrior, was made Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire had been in conflict with a coalition of European states led by the Habsburg Empire (Holy League) and Russia (since 1686) since 1683, during which the Ottomans had suffered setbacks (Mohács (1687), Slankamen (1691), and in Greece. Moustafa took measures to try to regain the upper hand by reducing state expenditures, increasing taxes on tobacco and coffee, strengthening the army and navy, and pursuing a sound monetary policy. He thus obtained some successes in 1695 (recapture of Chios) and 1696, but could not prevent the Russians from taking Azov in 1696. The Ottoman army was finally defeated at Zenta by the Austrians in September 1697 and the empire had to cede vast territories to its enemies following the treaty of Karlowitz in 1699 and the Treaty of Constantinople in 1700.

SANSON, Guillaume