HERISSON, Eustache

Carte générale d'Italie Dressée par Hérisson

Size : 52,5 x 77 cm
Color : Outlines Colored at the time
Condition : A+
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 496-31

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Nice edition of 1805 of this map by Hérisson published by Basset.

This map in 2 sheets extends from Switzerland in the North to Tunisia in the South. The borders of the Italian regions are elegantly colored at the time.

Corsica can be seen the year Napoleon triumphed at the battle of Austerlitz.

HERISSON, Eustache

Eustache Hérisson (1759-18..) was a geographer and engineer, a student of Bonne, whose work has been widely published. A prolific cartographer, he was particularly active in the years 1810-1820.