America noviter delineata. Auct.jodoco Hondio

America noviter delineata. Auct.jodoco Hondio

Jean Boisseau
c. 1636
Size : 368 x 483 mm
Color : Contemporary colors
Condition : Très bon
Technique : Copper engraving
Reference : 25

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Rare first edition of the map of America by Boisseau published in 1636. It is decorated with many ships and sea monsters. It also contains 2 inserts showing the North Pole and Australia.

Boisseau, who called himself "Enlumineur du Roy", was very active in the French map market in the 1630's and 1640's. The map accompanied the last edition of Maurice Bouguereau's Théâtre François, the first national atlas of France, under the new title Théâtre des Gaules. The map differs from the Hondius map in several respects, including the inscription H. Picart under the cartouche. Other disparities include the absence of the sea monster and the spelling of the cape of Mondecino, here Mendoeino.

Nice condition despite a slight lack of ink and color at the center fold and a slight stain.


Jean Boisseau (c.1600-1657) was a French engraver and master illuminator.

Jean Boisseau was a prolific and mysterious map publisher. Initially an illuminator of nautical charts, he published in 1636 a Recueil de tous les ordres de chevalerie. It was not until he bought out and republished Jean Leclerc's Theatre maps in 1641 that he really became known for cartography.

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