Nova et exacta delineatio Americae Partis Australis
HULSIUS, Levinus

Nova et exacta delineatio Americae Partis Australis

Size : 320x265 mm
Condition : Comme neuf
Reference : 35-36-12

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Engraved map on copper (one sheet on two). 320x265 mm

Rare first edition of the northern part of Hulsius' map of South America that appeared in Brevis & admiranda descriptio regni Guianae, auri abundantissimi, in America, Hulsius' edition of Sir Walter Raleigh's travels in America, and the fourth part of his collection of voyages. The map was originally published to illustrate Ulrich Schmidel's Vera Historia admirandae cujusdam navigationais. It is one of the most accurate maps of northern South America in the 16th century.

The map is very detailed and extends between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, showing Cuba, Brazil and Peru. It is illustrated with indigenous peoples (including warring natives, cannibals...), fauna and a sailing ship. The inscription "Guanahani 1492" to the right of S. Cruz, indicates the island where Christopher Columbus' ships first landed en route to the Americas, although it is now thought to be in the Bahamas, in another part of the Caribbean. Good condition despite some blue marks on the lower part.

HULSIUS, Levinus